The Pacific Island of Taboga in the Bay of Panama
the Island of Flowers

Nestled in the warm tropical waters of the Bay of Panama and within an hour's boat ride from bustling Panama City is a small island with a rich and colorful history and a humble little town.
When you come to Panama, escape Panama City for a day, or longer.  Come to Isla Taboga where there are no cars, no consumer price tags, no push and shove, just peace and place to call home.  It's the Island of Flowers, an island of perennial blossoms, humble people, and a very special paradise.

Sun bathe on its white sand beaches, swim in its sparkling clear waters, stroll along its flower lined paths, walk its pristine nature trails, smell the roses, taste the forbidden fruit, explore and discover, smile and be yourself.
Getting There
Only 12 miles off the mainland coast of Panama, getting to Isla Taboga is safe, easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.  Two ferry services carry passengers to and from the island 7 days a week.  The trip is less than an hour.
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Places to Stay
Isla Taboga has Inns, hotels, apartments, a youth hostel, and guest rooms to make your extended stay on the island of flowers both pleasant and very relaxing. Accomodations are quaint and charming with fine service.
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Places to Buy
Living by the sea 
has become a reality for many existential travelers. Living in the Fast World was a necessity, it had to be done so that life could be simpler someday. THAT DAY IS RIGHT NOW.
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The flora is a stunning display of nature's vitality.  The Island of Flowers lies in the path of the Trade Winds.  Gentle sea breezes are always present with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 
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Isla Taboga has been the home of Conquistadors, pirates, Gold Rush prospectors, artists, soldiers, and rests in the glory of being the birthplace of a saint. Through it all, the island has remained its tranquil self.
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Exchange Rate
The US Dollar is the currency of Isla Taboga as well as all of Panama.  The economy is one of the most stable in the Western Hemisphere and that's not at all likely to change in the foreseeable future. -Click Here-
www Connectivity
Isla Taboga is a tranquil paradise with no highways except the super highway of the World Wide Web.  Enter with dial-ups or high tech wireless connections.  You may be on an island, but you're always connected to the world. -Click Here-
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